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AfSBT brings limitless potentials in fulfilment of its mandate to support blood programmes in Africa. The AfSBT governance provides the vision and direction to ensure that the society is on the right path. We brought you more information in this issue of the newsletter about the AfSBT regional governance, which also involves the management and the internal structures of the regional chapters. According to a set of bylaws, AfSBT together with its regional committees, set strategic direction, future plans, allocate necessary resources, and make key decisions that society can then implement to meet member more….

Governance of AfSBT at Regional Level

The Africa Society for Blood Transfusion (AfSBT) is registered in South Africa as a not for profit company. The Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI) and the policies and procedures that support it were drafted in 2012. The AfSBT is one indivisible continent-wide organisation representing the interests of membership from French, English and Portuguese speaking countries. The Regions were formed in order to provide easier access to information and programmes supporting the primary goals of the AfSBT, which are to read more….

AfSBT Membership Benefits and General Information

General Information on Memberships

  • The year of membership runs according to calendar year. Fees paid during the year apply only to that year of payment.
  • Fees, that are relevant during the year of an AfSBT congress, remain the same for the following year, so that individual members are able to pay for two years whilst at the congress.
  • Membership fees must be paid in full and bank charges borne by the member.
  • Lapsed members do not enjoy the benefits applicable to members in good standing. However, lapsed members, who pay their annual fee, are reinstated without the need for back payments to 
cover years during which their status was lapsed…read more….

AfSBT Education Programme: An Important Pillar for the Stepwise Accreditation Programme

One of the strategic objectives of AfSBT is to develop and establish an internationally recognised educational programme that will advance the development of blood transfusion skills across the continent and support accreditation endeavours of blood transfusion centres. To achieve this objective, the AfSBT board established an education and training programme and appointed two education managers to run this programme, develop and promote its activities and make it accessible to as many blood transfusion services staff as possible, in order to contribute to improving blood safety in Africa. Twenty two educators are being trained to assist the education managers in their tasks.  read more….


Africa Sanguine 

The production team of Africa Sanguine invites members of the Africa Society for Blood Transfusion who are able to write in scientific French and English to offer their skills as translators for the journal. Persons who are interested can request more information from the Editor-in-Chief, Claire Armour Barrett, by emailing

AfSBT ITWG and AfSBT Research Consortium

The AfSBT ITWG ( and AfSBT Research Consortium (research@afsbt org) have now established official emails for communication as given. You are all welcome to direct your queries and contributions on AfSBT ITWG and AfSBT Research Consortium issues to the respective email’s

AfSBT members free access to ISBT Education

As a member of AfSBT you receive complimentary access to “ISBT Education”, the online learning environment presented by the International Society of Blood Transfusion. On ISBT Education you can access presentations from ISBT Regional and International Congresses and their associated learning quizzes free of charge. ISBT Education also includes an International Guideline Library with almost 300 scientific guideline documents from around the world. Also, an educational eBook and recordings of ISBT Webinars and Live Journal Clubs can be found on ISBT Education. We encourage you to take advantage of this unique educational opportunity. For more info, please contact

British Blood Transfusion Society (BBTS) offers a free affiliate membership to members of AfSBT

BBTS is proud to offer a free affiliate membership to members of AfSBT as we pursue our aim of supporting transfusion professionals around the world. BBTS is dedicated to playing a leading role in safe and effective transfusion practice through the delivery of quality education opportunities, setting standards, and promoting research, development and innovation. Join BBTS and enjoy the benefits of affiliate membership including access to publications, bursaries to attend BBTS events, and the chance to contribute to a society that is dedicated to you. Join online today at

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  • Jean-Baptiste Tapko: French Editor
  • Molly Gondwe: Administration Officer
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